• Suitable for zone 1 (outside)

  • Total mat height: 22 mm

  • Active cleaning properties

  • Can be placed with or without a well

  • - 16 colours brushes
  • Personaliseren met een logo of tekst – uniek!

The ABI Brush Mat with logo is designed to eliminate coarse dirt and debris. The bristles actively brush coarse dirt, sand and debris from the soles of the shoe. As you walk over the mat, the brushes lodge themselves into the profile of the sole of your shoe and take away even the most persistent dirt - you don't have to actively wipe your feet. This is called active cleaning. 

Personalize the brush mat with your own logo or text! View examples 

The ABI Brush Mat can be placed separately at the entrance without the use of a well. The mat can be equipped with an aluminium sloping profile and U-profile for easy access. 

Additional information: All brush colours are UV stabilized. The lighter the brush colour, the more sensitive it is to direct sunlight.

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