ABI Alucable | XXL

"High quality, manufactured in the Netherlands"

The strong and durable Alucable XXL mat is specially designed for high dirt levels and extremely heavy loads. The Alucable XXL can carry a load of up to 3800 kg per 100 cm2!


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ALUCABLE XXL with brushes

Zone 1 (outside) - coarse dirt

- Perfect scraper mat

- Choice of 16 brush colours

Alukabel XXL Borstel

ALUCABLE XXL with rubber

Zone 1 (outside) - coarse dirt

- For heavy rolling loads

– Anti slip

ALUCABLE XXL with needle punch

Zone 2 (inside) - fine dirt

– Choice of 3 colours

- Moisture and dirt absorption

Alukabel XXL Naaldvilt

ALUCABLE XXL with carpet

Zone 3 (inside) - moisture removal

– Choice of 12 colours

– Moisture absorption

ALUCABLE XXL combination

Multiple zones in one mat

– Combination of inserts

– Ideal for small entrances

Alukabel XXL Combinatie

A colour that matches?

ABI offers the possibility to anodize aluminium in many colours. This will give your mat a unique look.

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